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Travel Tips

As we near the end of the year, and plan for interstate trips, we thought you might appreciate some valuable tips to improve your comfort while traveling.

Car Seat Positioning:

  • For manual cars, adjust the seat distance so you can reach the clutch to its furthest point without moving your hips out of the back of the seat. Similar in an auto, adjust to where you can put your heel on the “dead pedal”/ foot-rest with a straight leg without your hips coming out of the back of the seat.

  • Ensure your arms are straight out in front, resting your wrists on the steering wheel, without overreaching. Adjust the seat back or the steering wheel distance to this point - this allows for ideal positioning on the wheel at 9 and 3.

  • Set the steering wheel height and mirrors to where you can safely see all the required information you need for driving.

Packing wisdom for Outback Trips:

  • On long trips through the Red Centre, you should always prepare for the unexpected. When packing your car make sure you’re able to access your tyre changing equipment without having to completely unpack. On top of the physical effort required, this adds irritation in an already irritating situation (see image for how we know).

  • Carry an umbrella for some quick shade during tyre changes in the scorching Outback sun.

Stay hydrated and take breaks:

  • The average daytime driving temperature for Central Australian road-trips in the summer can exceed 40°C. Always carry more water than you think you need, and aim to drink about 200-250ml per person, per hour.

  • Try to take breaks every 2 hours. For some people 90 minutes is too long, so if you need to, stop more frequently. Get out of the car, let the kids run around and stretch.

Remember, these tips aim to enhance your travel comfort. If you’d like personalised advice, or help with car seat positioning, book an appointment with Dr Steve:

Safe travels!

man changing tyre on a jeep wrangler four wheel drive with people standing around watching and two kids sitting in the dirt waiting
Changing a tyre on Maryvale Road, south of Alice Springs NT in 2016


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