Initial Consultation $105

Your first visit to the office is @30-45 minutes. Once you have completed induction paperwork, a thorough history and examination of your presenting problem will occur, and if it is determined that Chiropractic is the most appropriate method to address your needs, we will discuss a plan for how this will be undertaken.

Given that the chiropractic approach may be different from previous treatment you have tried, we may discuss some useful concepts with you so that you have a clearer understanding of how the body works and how the chiropractic care we provide will be beneficial to you.


If the chiropractor believes that x-rays are necessary to help us better understand your condition, they can be taken on the premises during your initial consultation, or at a later date depending on the requirements.

Report of Findings $75

On your second visit to the clinic, your chiropractor will explain in detail what information was discovered during your initial consultation. If x-rays were taken, you will have each of these explained to you in detail, including how they may compare to 'text book' normal. 

If adjustments were performed on the first visit, your response will be discussed. Please remember that this is only one component that can contribute to a very early indication of prognosis. If it is appropriate to continue with your care, we will do so.

The other important component of this visit is that your chiropractor will outline a recommendation for what will be required to resolve your problem. This will include the scheduling frequency of adjustments, and may involve some home care recommendations and exercises also. The basis of these recommendations includes the expected healing time for the injured tissues involved in your particular situation, functional capacity as tested in your physical examination on day one, your age, pain severity and duration, and the presence of any other complicating factors such as degenerative changes or other pathology.

Standard Consultation $55

These are our regularly scheduled visits, were your history, ongoing objective findings, any assessment and treatment will be applied.

Progress Assessment $75

Typically after 4 weeks of care, your chiropractor will conduct a progress assessment. At this session we will repeat all of the relevant tests conducted on the first visit so that we can objectively gauge your progress from the beginning up until this point. It is not necessarily the expectation that you will be “100% fixed” by the progress review. However, it is a good opportunity to systematically monitor how you are going in terms of functional recovery. Once all of these factors have been considered, further recommendations will be made on the next phase of your care, including strategies for prevention of future problems and maintenance of positive outcomes gained so far.

Re-examination Visit $105

For a patient of Alice Springs Chiropractic who has not received care through our clinic for over 12 months, or in light of a new presenting complaint, e.g. an injury that you have not had previously. An extended appointment will be required from 30-45 minutes, where the Chiropractor will re-evaluate your spinal health, and make recommendations for any further assessment required. 


If you have three or more immediate family members attending the clinic together on the same day, we are able to offer you a special rate to make care affordable for your whole family. Please discuss with our staff how best we can accommodate your family needs.

X-Ray - Spinal $90 per region / Extremity $65 per region

In today’s busy society, we realise that no one has time to be sent to a radiology centre, where they have to schedule another appointment on another day to have their x rays taken, and then wait a few more days for the results to be sent back to the clinic before they can start treatment.

At Alice Springs Chiropractic, we have our own computer x ray facilities on the premises, which means that if you require* x rays to be taken, they can be done on the spot. In addition, because the images can be seen instantly, there are no delays if we need to commence care urgently. This gives you the convenience you need from a state of the art chiropractic clinic.

There are other benefits to be had from this system. If you find yourself in trouble while you’re travelling away from Alice Springs, you may need to see someone urgently. We can electronically send your x-ray images to you or to the other clinic quickly, so that you don’t face any delays in getting the care that you need, without compromising your safety (as the chiropractor will have all of your diagnostic information), or burdening you with additional costs of having new images taken.


At Alice Springs Chiropractic, we store your images electronically, and can retrieve them at any time, so you need not worry about losing them or needing to keep hard copies yourself. This is especially valuable if we need to monitor structural changes over time if your problems recur in future.

* Alice Springs Chiropractic acknowledges and adheres to the Diagnostic Imaging Policies recommended by the Chiropractors Board of Australia as published in Appendix 2 of the Code of Conduct (March 2014)

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