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The greatest compliment you can give is your referral. 

Current patients - refer a friend or family member to this clinic as a new patient, and if they mention your referral, you BOTH will receive a $15 credit towards your account as our way of saying thank you. This credit may be used on any of the products or services we offer.

How to claim your credit?

Credit will be appled at the completion of the Initial Consultation for the referred party (the new patient).

We will notify you via text to confirm you have had a $15 credit applied to your account.  

(To maintain privacy, we will not confirm the identity of the new patient who has responded to this referral) 

Terms and Conditions

1. The referral must come from a current patient.

2. The new patient must confirm this referral at the time of booking/appointment.

3. There is no limit to the number of new patients you can refer. Each time a new patient mentions your referral, you (and the person you have referred) will receive $15 credit. 

4. This offer applies to new patient referrals - it does not apply to patients already existing in our systems.

5. The credit is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.

6. Our cancellation policy applies and if an appointment is missed without notice, the credit will be forfeited.

7. The credit has no expiry and will remain on your account until used. 

8. As business needs evolve, these terms and conditions may be subject to change. Any changes will not effect exisiting credits. 

Thank you!        

08 8952 3333

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