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Adapting to change

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Lets get all the buzz words out early - COVID-19, UNPRECEDENTED, ISOLATION, SOCIAL DISTANCING, STAY HOME, WASH HANDS, FLATTEN THE CURVE, hashtag. OK? Moving on.

Whilst we ponder the reality of a changing world, and we wait for the government to tell us when we can emerge from our homes safely again, many of us are having to change our lifestyles to suit the current health threat that is present in our lives today.

For some, its an opportunity to get some jobs done around the house that we have long neglected (anyone out there repaired something that's been broken for years or rearranged furniture in their living space?), whilst some are spending quality time with their loved ones.

Working from home has taken on new meaning for some, where their workplace is now their dining table, couch with a laptop, or a space on their floor where they can lay out their work for the day.

Some are trying to find ways to get in their regular exercise with limited resources - no current access to gym, pool, yoga class, etc. Our current predicament may feel like imprisonment, of sorts.

From today, we are offering two new services, Physitrack - an exercise app that allows us to tailor exercises to your needs, and a telehealth based service for helping you to maintain your posture/ergonomics in your 'temporary home office' as well as your increased use of digital services in your home.

To take advantage of these new services, please call us on 8952 3333, or email to find out how we can continue to provide service to you and your family.


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