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We often get asked, 'How does a Chiropractor help?'

Chiropractors are 5-year university trained health professionals with a focused education on spinal disorders.

Chiropractors often work with patients to identify the cause of their symptoms, improve workspace ergonomics, and provide advice to modify or reduce activities that may create injury or discomfort.

Each patient has differing circumstances, which require thorough evaluation. An initial consultation at our clinic consists of a 45 minute appointment where your clinical history is reviewed, a treatment plan determined, and Chiropractic treatment provided where clinically required and safe to do so.

Dr Stephen Dominguez (Chiropractor) has over 20 years experience helping patients to manage back and neck pain, joint and muscle stiffness, and musculoskeletal injuries.

Initial consultations for new patients to this clinic can be booked through this link. If you would like to brief chat with a Chiropractor prior to making an appointment, contact the clinic on 08 8952 3333 to arrange a time.


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08 8952 3333

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